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We’ve Tapped Into Something Great!

Droscha Farm

The Droscha family has been perfecting the art of maple syrup production at their centennial farm in Mason, Michigan, for more than 50 years. For generations, they’ve passed down the art of sustainably tapping hardwood maple trees and boiling sap over a roaring hardwood fire.

Today, the Droschas continue to make pure maple syrup “the old fashioned” way by using sustainable practices and not taking any shortcuts. When Cherry Republic decided to produce a cherry maple syrup, we knew the Droschas would be the perfect partners.

The result is our new Cherry-Infused Maple Syrup — pure maple syrup with the perfect amount of Michigan tart cherry concentrate. Delicious over a steaming stack of flapjacks, this versatile syrup can also be tossed with fresh fruit or roasted root veggies, stirred into yogurt, baked into your favorite quick-bread recipe, or made into a mouthwatering marinade for salmon or pork.

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