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Steph is on a National Outdoor Leadership School adventure in the mountains of Arizona.  The kids are nearly 5 and 7 so she now has a chance to focus on her own personal growth and renewal.  The new year is a great time to do this.

Is it life’s own law that we humans tend to […]

Up North Blog

Lighting up the Town

The Lutheran Church surprised everyone in town by decorating their big beautiful spruce with well orchestrated blue lights.  Hawthorn, my 4 year old, even glowed over it.
 There is the entryway to Bear Paw Pizza.
Here is a view of Art’s Tavern.  It takes them three days to decorate up for for the Holidays.  Christmas in Glen […]

Up North Blog

November Up North

We had some wild weather in the past month.  My friend Charlie Crouch snapped this photo on Sleeping Bear Bay during a big storm.

Here is a video of the winds 1000 miles from Hurricane Sandy.

Colebrook and Hawthorn OD’d on candy.

The boys playing on a giant nest of sticks.

Hawthorn posing with a hatchet before […]