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Puffball Cuisine

(continued from the 5/10 Orchard Report)

….Colebrook the loud one that doesn’t let anything go by without comment takes bite and spits it out so fast and says “yucky”.  I start laughing loudly, which he takes as a green light to have some fun, so he grabs a stalk of buttered asparagus and whacks me over the side of the head.  I have eaten half myself by the time Hawthorn says, “It tastes like fried mud”.  What a brilliant food critic I think to myself.  All the while I am eating my portion, I am wondering how well my friend Mark really knows what is edible in the woods or not.  I laugh even louder and tell my mother I am more relieved that the kids did not like it than if they did, so I don’t have to worry about them chucking in the night.  Later, the boys and I brought dinner up to Steph.  And we couldn’t help but go back into the garbage and grab out a slice of that puff ball and see if we could get her to eat it.  Hawthorn was all about fooling her– “This will make you healthy Momma”.  But her kindred soul Colebrook quickly calls us out.  Foiled.  Once the dishes were done and all signs of the puff ball had disappeared, Steph made a miraculous recovery.  Just the sight of that puff ball in the fridge must have had her tossing her marbles all day.

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