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Labor Day Camping Adventures

Backpacking in Lake Superior Provincial Park is the most otherworldly place from the Sleeping Bear Dunes.  It is rough, remote and ROCKY.  Just perfect for a small group of sandlubbers looking for some wild adventure.

Our trip started as a paddle trip and it was perfect conditions, but Colebrook fell in and Daddy decided it would be safest if we just backpacked and used the canoe for support.

Hawthorn took this photo of a sopping wet Colebrook and wanted everyone to see it.  “Ha ha ha, Colebrook fell in the lake with his clothes on!”
 On the next morning, Colebrook anxiously waited to start hiking while I finished packing.

We were warned, but we were ready.

Look at these tough little backpackers.  That’s their friend Dylan Cundiff.

Much of the hiking was along the rugged shoreline.

We had to hike over a small mountain.  Up, up, up!

We stopped to pick and eat wild blueberries.

It was a great view at the top looking north or south.

The trail was a beautiful blend of rocks, trees and mosses.

We made it over the mountain!

We finished the hike and set up camp.

We had a great day and night with great weather.

The boys loved the rocks more than Fred and Barney.

I had a great swim in the Baldhead River rapids near our camp. Can you find me?

It rained all day Sunday, so Mark and I set up the tarp.

That’s cousin Andrew, who is managing our Orchard Report. That’s my buddy Mark on the left and that’s Kyle Young, a TC Coast Guard member who took a short respite from the rain under the tarp.

These shorts of Hawthorns tell it all. We all left the park wet and the four boys clothes were about that filthy.

Good bye Lake Superior Provincial Park. We had a great time!