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Cherry Republic’s New Spritzers

Cherries, wine, and bubbles… how can you go wrong? Introducing two new additions to the vast array of cherry deliciousness here at Cherry Republic: Cherry Wine Spritzer and Apricot Cherry Spritzer. We start with our cherry wine, then punch it up with some bubbles–and some apricot for the Apricot Cherry Spritzer–to create these light and […]

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2016 Photo Contest

2016 Photo Contest
How to enter: You can enter your photos by posting them to our Facebook Page, or posting them on Instagram or email Include the hashtag #BeachesAndPie and the category hashtag, #essenceofnorthernmi, #upnorthkids, or #summerintherepublic  to be sure we know you’re entering. More details below.

Click to view some of our 2016 entrees.

[gallery ids="5210,5209,5208,5207,5206,5205,5199,5201,5202,5203,5204,5198,5197,5196,5195,5193,5194,5188,5191,5189,5192,5214,5215,5216,5217,5218,5219,5220,5221,5222,5223"]

The Winners […]

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White Linen BBQ

Thank you all for a great evening! Here are some of our favorite photos from the evening. We look forward to hosting more dinners and a big thank you goes out to Jessie Zevalkink for all of the lovely photos.
[gallery ids="5094,5095,5096,5097,5098,5099,5100,5101,5102,5103,5104,5105,5106,5107,5108,5109,5110,5111,5112,5113,5114,5115,5116,5117,5118,5119,5120,5121,5122,5123,5124,5125,5126,5127,5128,5129,5130,5131,5132,5133,5134,5135,5136,5137,5138,5139,5140,5141,5142,5143,5144,5145,5146,5147,5148,5149,5150,5151,5152,5153,5154,5155,5156,5157,5158"]
We saved a spot just for you!

Help us celebrate summer with a White Linen Barbeque.

Invite […]

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Beach Towels

Enjoy a day at the beach wrapped in a Cherry Republic beach towel!

Our giant, super thick beach towels are great for drying off after a dip in the lake and there super size makes the ideal place to soak up some sun on the beach. The towels are custom made in the USA specifically for us.

Two […]

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Lemonade Stand

Lemonade!… Lemonade for sale!… Get your Cherry Lemonade!…

It is never too early to practice your entrepreneurial and business skills! If you are under the age of 10, grab your parents and head to the Great Hall to sign up for your hour long selling time. Times are available Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays from 11 a.m. […]

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Ice Cream

The trick to good homemade ice cream is lots of time consuming layering of fun ingredients!  This photo catches Matt our ice cream maker adding caramel sauce.  If you look closely, there are chocolate covered waffle chips in the bucket in the foreground that go in next and almonds in the bowl above him.  Hey, […]