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Lost & Found in Glen Arbor

A look at a sampling of what was left behind in Glen Arbor after the summer of 2012:

We understand leaving behind a copy of Coup D’Etat in your Leelanau Vacation Rentals cottage or condo….but a Shampooch and Tooth Fairy 2 DVD?  For shame!

This handsome and well-loved leather fanny pack misses its owner.  There was even […]

Up North Blog

Forest Warriors

Continued from the 5/31 Orchard Report email newsletter

….I have to pull the leaves out from between his toes. The sky starts thundering and lightly raining. Before one of the boys asks to leave, I say “The animals can’t hear us in the rain, we’re sure to catch them.” The whole world is a feast to […]

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A Golden Opportunity

This post was written by Alex Lowry.  She and her family were Cherry Republic’s millionth gift box recipients.  Inside this box they found our Golden Ticket, which automatically earned them a trip to Glen Arbor and a peek into the inner workings of Cherry Republic.  Here are her reflections on their trip:

I need to start […]