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Continued from the 5/31 Orchard Report email newsletter

….I have to pull the leaves out from between his toes. The sky starts thundering and lightly raining. Before one of the boys asks to leave, I say “The animals can’t hear us in the rain, we’re sure to catch them.” The whole world is a feast to our eyes– dusky plush and green; to our noses– earthy pine and fog; to our bare feet– moss, sand and bearberry. The rain stops and we sneak up a hill hoping to catch a rabbit sleeping on the other side. It breaks into a steady downpour but the kids hardly notice. We work our way back to the trailhead soaked in joy. On the ride home it stops raining and there is a deer on the side of the road. I stop the car and Colebrook dashes out the door with his bow cocked. I am amazed how far he chases after the long gone deer. He gives up and climbs back into his booster. 100 more yards down the road, there is another deer even closer to the road. We stop again, but this time all three of us bolt after the deer. Colebrook is not close enough to get a shot off, but we follow the deer for quite a while before he gives up. We end up exploring an old homestead across from DH Day Campground. We pick lilies of the valley, we dig in the dark rotted wood of a half fallen tree and find an old hook and some wire. Life could go on forever in that little spot of plush green field, but we are cold and two of us are ready for bed.

P.S. Steph took some video of Hawthorn and Colebrook biking on the new bike trail. It’s under a minute so stick around for Hawthorns humorous comments toward the end.

P.S. Two days later and Hawthorn has shown no signs of the dreaded itch.

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