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Free Shipping Top Ten

How many ways can you take advantage of our April free shipping offer?
Let us count the Top 10 ways:

10.  Get a 5# box of dried cherries for your cupboard and save the $9.

9.  Make an early holiday order! Yes, Evelyn in California did this and has her holiday gifts for friends already done.

8.  Give a gift to a foe or enemy to clear the slate.  Remember that idea I had back in late December?  Nobody accepted my challenge then, will anyone do it now?

7.  Administrative Assistants Day is April 25th.  Hey, don’t forget to thank the person that does all your work!  Oh, and if your boss doesn’t send one, feel free to give a gift to yourself.  You deserve it– working for that chump.

6.  Tax Day?  Drown your sorrows in chocolate.  Or better yet, send a soft bribe for more time to your IRS man.

5.  With the heavy frosts we’ve had, it is going to be a tight year for cherries.  Get them now, while we have them.  5# box of dried cherries– $59.

4.  Send your Mom a Mother’s Day gift.  And then put in a card that makes her laugh.  The best gift we can gift a parent is laughter.

3.    Order a few small gift boxes.  Keep them handy.  And be ready to make someone’s day.  Cherries are joy makers.  If someone is a little down and needs a lift, what better thing can you do than combine joyful cherries with a few uplifting words on a notecard we will provide for you as well.

2. Graduation gifts.  No, not for the graduate.  But this is a reminder to the graduate to thank everyone who got them through.

1.  When you received the Cherry Republic box from your parents for Christmas, your kids ate all the chocolate covered cherries, your spouse ate the salsa and all you got was the chore of recycling the box!  Order and don’t let them know!

Click here for Free Shipping info and to begin placing your order on the Cherry Republic website.

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