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Your Memories from 2012

Here are some emails we received when we asked if Cherry Republic had any role in making good memories for 2012:

Bob – Your wonderful newsletters full of the touching stories about how you are raising your boys to be such lovers of life, nature and family.

Supplying rehearsal lunch guests at my son’s wedding in August with jars of your cherry jam.

Your main store staff, particularly Cindy! They sifted through a mountain of receipts to determine that I was the customer who had left a bag behind on a busy Columbus Day weekend, found a phone number for me and then mailed the contents to me when we ran out of time to drive back.

Watching you move the huge boulder from one end of the garden to the other with help from the boys while I rested on the steps, leading to the above left behind bag…

The sad memory of watching many bottles of wine purchased at your Traverse City store crash to the gravel in the Interlochen parking lot because SOMEONE didn’t brace them well enough.

Worrying about all the cherry dependent businesses in a state that has been so hard hit by the economic downturn.

Happiness that quick thinking and reaching half way around the world for cherries kept your business going!

Enjoying my last dark chocolate covered cherries while I baked piles of Christmas cookies.

Dreaming of ordering more once I work off said cookies, and sending some to my son (Interlochen Arts Academy ’07) who leaves for the Army next week.

Thanks for the Michigan memories!

Ruth S.
Arlington Heights, IL

We made our first trip to Glen Arbor, Sleeping Bear Dunes and Cherry Republic! Best trip ever !

Elizabeth W.

Hello Cherry Republic!

Dave and I were on a two week vacation in Michigan, September 2012. One of our favorite memories of 2012, was visiting Bob Sutherland and his family in Glen Arbor. Bob treated Dave and I to a wonderful bike ride (family bikes provided by Bob!) on the new TART bike trail section in Glen Arbor. We biked with Bob, Colebrook and Hawthorn for quite a way around beautiful areas of Glen Arbor. It sure was a lot of fun! We also enjoyed a delicious dinner cooked by Bob, along with his mother and sons. It was also very special to have lunch with Bob at the Glen Arbor Cherry Republic the next day. Our trip to Glen Arbor visiting Bob, his family and the Cherry Republic made 2012 a very memorable year!

Have a very happy new year and hope to see you again!

Carol D.
Pacific Grove, California

(Carol was the winning bidder in one of our auctions that benefitted the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail)

Dear Cherry Republic,

My wife is a travel nurse, I’m a retired veterinarian/ house-husband. On our most recent assignment in Fairhaven, Massachusetts our landlady was nice enough to
put us up in her home during hurricane Sandy as our rental on Buzzards Bay was at risk. In appreciation of her hospitality we had you send her a nice mix of Cherry Republic goodies.
About a week later we again were invited to her husband’s and her home. On their coffee table were the remains of our gift, not much left. They truly enjoyed the treat from C.R.
We often use you for just such gifts of appreciation, from Massachusetts to California.
Thanks for the great products,
Ken and Karen E. – Interlochen

If you’d like to share a Cherry Republic memory, please email!

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