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Steph is on a National Outdoor Leadership School adventure in the mountains of Arizona.  The kids are nearly 5 and 7 so she now has a chance to focus on her own personal growth and renewal.  The new year is a great time to do this.

Is it life’s own law that we humans tend to spin ourselves into ruts and stress.  The mundane daily grind is enough, but when our daily life is peppered with many new challenges that force us to work hard day after day, we get run down.  The end of a year pushes all of us at Cherry Republic.  We staff are at our busiest at the same time our families life is most demanding.

Following the busy holidays, January is a great time to seek renewal.   The new year is a great opportunity to clear and refresh the mind and body…

I envy Steph right now.  Because for 31 days, she will be in the wilderness far away from her real life stresses.  Her mind will shed her typical chatter and be free to get lost in the mountains.  And hopefully it will stay in that quiet state.  Cuz, if you do something for 28 days, you turn it into a habit.

My staff and I don’t have a full month.  Nor does anyone reading this I imagine.  I am going to challenge each of us to each find some way to take some time off and do a personal renewal or growth exercise– to do something out of your ordinary activities that quiets and refreshes us.

Re-new-al.  Doing something re-al-new.  What is really new to you?

Is the excitement about the new year, really about the new year, or is it rather about starting our new life?

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