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Cherry Republic donates tractor to Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear


In partnership with between Cherry Republic, Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear, and Friends of Sleeping Bear have taken steps towards better maintaining the historic farm fields in the National Park. Cherry Republic has offered to purchase and donate, over five years, a tractor for the Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear. Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear is charged with maintaining and interpreting the historic park resources.

bob-tractorThe Preserve fundraising plans on purchasing a larger $16k mower for the donated tractor; the new equipment is expected to increase productivity from mowing 250 acres to 1000 acres per week during the weeks allotted by the Park Service. The goal of the scheduled mowing is to prevent the spread of invasive vegetation from crowding out native plants and encroaching on the cultural landscape.

Friends of Sleeping Bear will continue to train volunteer mowers. The Preserve has been conducting field successful clearing projects since 2004; it’s the collaboration between the Preserve and the Friends of Sleeping Bear that makes this endeavor successful. Community volunteerism and critical donations are one of the many reasons why Sleeping Bear is the most beautiful places in America.

Find out how you can help, please contact the Preserve at 334-6103 or sign up on our volunteer page!

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