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Red Ladder Sneak Peek

IMG_1512 (1) The original t-shirt!

I start this blog with the original Cherry Republic t-shirt, which was this odd first product that had nothing to do with the 190 cherry food products we are known for.  But we have now come full circle, and have a home and complimentary line of products for this iconic shirt.  That Red Ladder tag makes this shirt pop like it never has before.  

All of our new t-shirts nicely in their new home All of our new t-shirts nicely in their new home

Our original t-shirt now has lots of great friends to hang out with.  

Hand made paper cards and artwork Hand made paper cards and artwork

One thing that I have always been most proud of about Cherry Republic is the company’s ability to capture the essence of all that is good about northern Michigan.  And this display of our Red Ladder products is a perfect example of this.   Everything here was drawn or sewn by local friends and neighbors– even the paper was hand made.

2 folding IMG_1788

Placing t-shirts Red Ladder team at work

Of course, the staff at Cherry Republic has also been working hard since December on creating this Red Leather line from loads of brainstorming, designing, sourcing and then loads more of organizing, tagging, folding, and displaying.  If you love what you do, hard work is fun!  

Beach collection Beach collection

This section shows the thought our staff has put into the Red Ladder line.  Everything you need for a hike to your favorite Lake Michigan beach.  Towel, backpack, water bottle and you can stretch out on your new towel knowing we’ve even done our work to protect that crystal clear water you’re laying next to.

First-customers-terry-and-kathy First customers Terry and Kathy

We are not going to show you everything, so you still have a reason to come see our special room of products.  But we did want to show you our first customer, Terry and Kathy and what they purchased– A Red Ladder beach table!

The Red Ladder entrance in our Glen Arbor store. The Red Ladder entrance in our Glen Arbor store.

Here is the entryway into the new section of our Great Hall in Glen Arbor which houses this special line of Cherry Republic products.  

The Cherry Republic Red Ladder team The Cherry Republic Red Ladder team

Thank you to our terrific marketing staff who made this and so many things happen here at Cherry Republic.  That’s Laura Ann, Erin, Cory, Katy and our fearless leader, Rick.  Each of them is displaying the product they think will become most popular with you.