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The Nouveau Est Arrive!

Balaton Nouveau Wine

As A long-standing tradition throughout France, Beaujolais Nouveau Day is marked by fireworks and festivities to celebrate the season’s first wine. This hilly, French region in southeastern France is touted for its fruity, red Burgundy wine that is unusual in that it not aged like other wines. In fact, Beaujolais must be must drunk within just a few months of being made.

beaujolais-arrivee pipos_beauj_orchestre

Following this tradition of our wine-loving neighbors across the Atlantic, Cherry Republic will be celebrating the release of its Balaton Nouveau. This northern Michigan Nouveau is made from Balaton Cherries (instead of the traditional grapes), which are pressed immediately after harvest and fermented slowly with a Beaujolais-style yeast. The result is a clean tasting, fresh, fruity red. The Balaton Nouveau is a limited release with only 260 cases of wine available.
Beaujolais France

Following French tradition, Cherry Republic’s new cherry Burgundy will be released at the customary time of 12:01a.m., but our celebrations will take place a few weeks earlier than theirs. We begin popping corks at at each of our stores this Friday, October 14. Cheers!

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