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A Perfect Summer Night

August 25, 2022 — Tuesday and Wednesday were days of absolute paradise in northern Michigan. After work, I raced to Gloria’s dock on the northeast side of Big Glen Lake, and I sat with Steph and together we watched the sun reflect on gentle waves. She went to pick up Colebrook and Hawthorn at a friend’s house. I could not leave. I jumped in the boat for a short ride to the deep. I was alone. Realizing I had never done this before, I found the perfect middle of the lake and turned the engine off, put on some Johnny Cash spirituals and sang along to the beat of the waves.

Then I jumped in for a deep solitary swim, which I hadn’t done since I was Glen Lake Yacht Club Manager in the 1980s. The water and air were both a perfect 77 degrees. As I got out of the lake, Colebrook called and asked what I was doing. “Just hanging on a beautiful night,” I said. “Can I join?” “I will pick you up pronto!” And I zoomed to shore and picked them up at the dock and gave Hawthorn the wheel. He guided the boat the two quick miles to 130 feet deep water.

Colebrook swam as we watched the last glows of daylight. He came out radiant and with a level of contentment that I just love to see in him. Hawthorn played some of his favorite music and we talked favorite bands and tennis and marveled at how much fun it was to just idly float. Stars started to come out. The lake softened even more. A boat near shore turned his lights on. Our talk slowed as each of us took in more of the night. Soon it was 10 o’clock and pitch dark. I putt-putted to shore by the lights of the homes on shore. I docked to Hawthorn’s cell phone flashlight.  

Of all the highlights of the night, nothing can beat being with two sons at their happiest.

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