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Boomer Bear Makes It Home For Christmas

Boomer Bear celebrates his long-anticipated return to the Frankenmuth Cherry Republic store.

Boomer visits with Santa in Traverse City.

Longtime Citizens of the Republic are familiar with Boomer, our affable bear. He’s always in high demand, often traveling between our six Michigan stores. He’s become quite the celeb over the years, making guest appearances at ribbon cuttings, visits with Santa, and at various parades. So we were more that a little concerned when he went missing in late October of this year.

It all started on October 19 when Boomer was en route from our Charlevoix location to our Frankenmuth store for a Halloween event. When he didn’t show up, our store managers Brandy (Charlevoix) and Dani (Frankenmuth), put on their sleuthing caps. Dani picks up the story from here:

“Bears are known to hibernate, and that is what Boomer was doing when he got lost on his way to Frankenmuth. When he finally woke up from his long nap he found himself still in his little box. Boomer tried really hard to get the attention of the postal workers to ask for help, but he had come down with a case of laryngitis and could not growl for help. He tried to rock the box he was in but that only complicated things because he fell into a shoot for lost packages, and found himself with all the other lost items: a bicycle for Jimmy, a coat for Kate, and a watch for Dad, just to name a few!

Kids love seeing Boomer at Glen Arbor’s annual July 4th parade!

“He ended up making a seemingly endless circuit between Detroit and Indianapolis. This went on for some time for several weeks until a collective group came to his aid. There was Brandy, who from the start sweated tears and anguished over his whereabouts. Then there was Dale, head of the Frankenmuth Post Office, who kept a running log and worried night and day. Tom, who worked for the Grand Rapids Post Office, put Linda and Bob from Consumers Affairs on the case, and they put out a massive search for Boomer.

“Finally, a mystery person found Boomer and put on his new label that led him home on December 12! A big ‘Thank You!’ to whoever you are. Because of you, Cherry Republic has its Christmas Miracle!”

Welcome home, Boomer Bear!