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Talking Politics With MLCV’s Lisa Wozniak

Lisa Wozniak’s voice is a familiar one amidst the growing conversation about land, water, and air protection in our beloved Great Lakes State. The executive director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters since 2006, Lisa has spent more than 20 years as an environmental champion, speaking out passionately about threats like the dangerous Line 5 oil pipeline running beneath the Straits of Mackinac and increasing concerns about PFAS. So as we wade deeper into the 2020 election season—and as part of our VOTE CHERRIES 2020 initiative—we thought we’d check in with Lisa to see what characteristics she looks for in a candidate.

Lisa Wozniak

Q: How important should clean water be to Michiganders?

A: Here in Michigan—surrounded by 90% of the nation’s fresh surface water—clean, safe water is in our DNA. It’s who we are. Candidates have heard loudly and clearly from voters that bold plans for protecting our Great Lakes and our drinking water are essential if they want to garner votes from Michiganders.

Q: Do you see climate change as an issue that should be top of mind for voters?

A: Extreme weather and climate change are impacting our Great Lakes, our diverse and bountiful agriculture sector, and our infrastructure, and it’s threatening the health of Michigan communities. The Michigan League of Conservation Voters is challenging all candidates running for office in 2020 to make protecting our water and tackling climate change their top-tier priorities.

Q: Most candidates claim to be in favor of clean water. Is that enough?

A: We are urging candidates to have bold plans for addressing the climate crisis and for moving our state and nation toward clean energy. We are demanding that candidates have bold, specific plans for how they are going to clean up toxic contamination and ensure all Michiganders have safe, clean drinking water. And finally, we are urging candidates to work to hold polluters accountable for cleaning up contamination, and put the health of Michiganders first.

For more insight into the Michigan League of Conservation Voters stance on the 2020 election, take a listen to Lisa’s recent interview on Michigan Radio’s Stateside program with host April Baer. (Scroll down to the question that asks “What are presidential candidates’ plans for the Great Lakes, PFAS, and other environmental concerns?”)

Don’t forget to vote on March 10 in the Michigan primary and on November 3 for the general election!