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Rising from the wreckage

An update on the progress
from some of our staff

Summer Storm 2015 Mary working the cash register in the Glen Arbor store

I only work for a few hours each weekend, but people kept telling me how much they appreciated reading Bobby’s Blog.  They really felt connected to the storm through his writing. Customers also wanted to know how to help and donate to the Bring the “Arbor” Back to Glen Arbor fundraiser. One woman said “That is so like Bob to do such a nice thing”. Mary – Cherry Ambassador and “The Momma”

Summer Storm 2015 Laura Ann’s front yard

While my husband and I were at work, I got a call from a friend who brought over about 7 people to work on our trees. We came home from work and were so grateful and humbled by how much they did just out of the kindness of their heart’s.  I could feel the weight lift off of my shoulders and thought “This is what Northern Michigan is all about!” Laura Ann – HQ Coordinator

IMG_2329 Patty’ and Roni’s backyard used to be separated by tree, but now it is one big yard as they clear the tree away

I am reminded daily of good will. Our community, friends & co-workers have truly been amazing.  It seemed as if every time I left my house this past weekend I would return to find more friends who had come by just to help us with the clean up. What makes it so special is that everyone has been impacted by the storm in some way and had also lived in chaos all week but they gave up their weekend to help us. I cried very little during the week but when I came home from Church on Sunday and saw Don Hendrick’s, CR Corp Shipping Manager during the holiday season; and his wife Sharolyn I lost it! They heard through Roni that we (us & Hazelton’s) needed help and just showed with a chainsaw in hand!  We are truly blessed. Patty – Mail Order Manager & Roni – VP of Fulfillment

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