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Summer-Inspired Odes To Leelanau


Pictured above: Poets Evelyn and Kate Park

Since some summer visitors haven’t been able to make it up north this year, we thought it would be fun to document this unique time through poetry. So in our summer catalog, we asked our Citizens to share an original poem that expresses what they would miss most about not being here this summer or (for those who were lucky enough to come up) what has meant the most about being in Northern Michigan after our social-distancing spring.

Entries were accepted through August 16, and we received some amazing and heart-felt poems. We’ll share a few every week until the end of August, so be sure to check back here often. And a huge thank you to all who participated. We will be sending you a little sign of our appreciation soon!


God’s Country

by Ingrid Fischer

Oh, Northern Michigan, Oh, Northern Michigan,
What would we do without you?
When we’re unable to travel, we miss you so dearly,
We long for the day when we’re engulfed in your magnificent beauty.

Your relaxing pace, clean water, and fresh air,
Make us feel renewed and without a care,
Every Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer,
We love all that you have to offer.

Whether cycling, hiking, golfing, boating, or skiing,
Shopping, fruit-picking, wine-tasting, or eating,
Visiting Sleeping Bear Dunes or Grand Traverse Bay,
Each one is a joy and the way we like to play.

Many are the ways we also enjoy beautiful Mackinaw Island,
Such as riding horses, biking, and visiting “The Grand,”
The fort, the marina, the ferry ride, and delicious ice cream,
Who could forget the fudge…it’s always a dream.

We envy your abundance of trees and Fall leaves,
Your beautiful sandy beaches and fun waves,
Swimming and bathing in the sun,
Nothing feels better, and, oh, what fun!

Your many treasures, including local cuisine, boutiques, and art,
Wonderfully fill our senses and make us wish we didn’t have to part,
Especially the most beautiful skies which cheer our mindsets,
Shining with a multitude of stars and glorious sunsets.

Of course, our trip to Northern Michigan wouldn’t be complete,
Without filling our tummies with cherries and treats,
All located in a local Cherry Republic store,
Where they have goodies which always keep us wishing for more.

How grateful we are for your slice of Heaven,
We can’t wait to enjoy Northern Michigan again,
Until then, we will keep our spirits high,
Remembering Cherry Republic’s values of “Life, Liberty, Beaches, and Pie!”



By Evelyn Park



Missing Michigan Summers

By Julian Campbell 

C hewy gummy candies

H appy sunny days

E veryone loves it here

R ediscovered

R elaxation

Y earning for michigan

R oot beer tasting

E very day is fun

P eople are kind

U pper peninsula scenery

B ridges that carry me far away

L istening to the waves

I ce cream cones

C rystal clear fresh water


Cherry Capital of the World

by Elizabeth A. Hanley

To Michigan we flew one fall –
‘Twas Traverse City for our start,
Although we knew not that we’d find
The home of cherries, sweet and tart!

We fell in love with all the tastes
(the one day that we stayed),
Then headed off to Sleeping Bear
Where dunes and water played.

We felt the chill of autumn’s touch,
Saw beauty all around
And knew that we were blessed that day
Where sun and sand abound.

Then up to Charlevoix we drove
And what did we find there?
More cherries and more tasting fun
For us to buy and share!

To Mackinac and Grand Hotel
We ventured off to stay:
Delightful place and island treat –
Another perfect day…

We now are avid customers
Of all Bob’s cherry treats –
He writes his notes each catalog
And with a smile he greets!


Cherry Summer

by Colleen Gorman