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A Christmas Eve Delivery to U-M Nurses

Just before Christmas, Bob received an email from Bob received a request from a Little Traverse Lake neighbor and 30-year Cherry Republic customer explaining that she and her husband were planning to make a special delivery to some of the hard-working nurses at University of Michigan Hospital. Jeanne and Todd Bredin would be delivering Christmas Eve dinner to the floor where their daughter is a nurse. Would Cherry Republic like to donate some gift tins to help make the surprise even more fun? Needless to say, our Glen Arbor store manager Donna Owsley happily packed up 25 of our Gift Totes to help add some cheer to these hard-working healthcare workers. On the 27th, Bob received this lovely update from Jeanne and Todd:

Hope that you guys had a wonderful Christmas! I just wanted to let you know what we did on Christmas Eve. Todd and I drove down early and took the dinner that we had made for the U of M nurses on my daughter’s floor along with the AMAZING tins of goodies you guys provided. Due to Covid, we were not allowed up there. Maddie met us downstairs and she brought the dinner we made and all the goodies up to her unit. She sent some photos to us which I am attaching. Maddie and her co-worker were floored! They were soooo excited to get dinner and goodies and were just so happy that someone thought of them! Here is the text I got from Maddie:

“OMG you literally made all of our nurses smile and I haven’t seen that in forever, along with a couple of EVS workers and docs…they got food and goodies and they were ridiculously grateful! We are so appreciative of you and CR and so thankful that you drove all this way!!!! Nobody has treated us this well since the pandemic started.”

Todd and I left there feeling amazing. I’m so glad that we did that for them, and I am forever thankful for you guys donating some of your product. It really made their day, and they SO DESERVE IT for all the hard work they have been doing. Thank you again for your generosity! You guys are truly the best!!!”

Jeanne & Todd Bredin

P.S. Maddie told me that the staff was super impressed that you guys signed all of the cards individually. They were literally in tears.

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