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Seeking Nature

If you’ve ever given or received a Cherry Republic gift, you know one of the best things about it (besides the delicious cherry treats) is the bits of Northern Michigan nature nestled inside each box. It’s become a favorite tradition at Cherry Republic as we share our love of the north with the world!

But have you ever wondered where do those precious cedar sprigs, birch bark, and little pinecones come from? You might be surprised to learn that our loyal Citizens of the Republic bring in much of the ‘nature’ that we use. Want to get in on the fun? On your next walk in the woods, be on the lookout for FALLEN bits of cedar, birch bark, and 2-inch pinecones. (Note: We never harvest our nature from live trees.) Then bring your found treasures into your nearest Cherrry Republic store. We’ll reward you with:

  • A soda or 3-oz. product for 1 grocery bag of nature
  • An 8-oz. jar of jam or bag of Chocolate Covered Cherries for 2 grocery bags of nature
  • A 14-oz. or large jarred product OR a 1-pound bag of product for 3 grocery bags of nature

Thanks in advance for helping us spread the joy of Northern Michigan this holiday season!

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