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Winter Comes Early to Northern Michigan

D. H. Day Farm in early winter Early snow blanketing the meadow in front of D. H. Day Farm in November.

Winter has returned to the Republic a little ahead of schedule this year. No sooner had the spectacularly colored leaves fallen from the trees than they were being covered by snow.

The snow came in light sprinkles at first. A dusting at the end of October didn’t stick around for long, but that’s changing.

An inch or two last week and continual flurries over the weekend have us looking out the frosty windows at a winter wonderland. And with a winter storm bearing down on us this afternoon promising to deliver another 12 inches of the white stuff, it looks like we’re in for a snowy holiday season!

Long gone are the warm summer days of lazing on the beach or swimming in the lake. We miss them, but at the same time we welcome the cold weather, the snow, the winter storms, and the magical beauty and quiet solitude that the winter brings to the north.

Take a look at the photos below to see why.

And who knows… maybe we’ll see ice caves again or get to reenact our hike to the Manitou Islands!

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