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Start Spreading The Cheer

Cherry Republic started its Operation Cherry Cheer campaign in March of 2020 to help lift the spirits of those in need and celebrate those who were giving their all to help others during the pandemic. Each day for three months, we sent a gift box out to a deserving recipient. Since then, we’ve continued to send “A Joyful Dose of Up-North News” to all of our Citizens of the Republic through our Cherry Cheer Courier weekly e-newsletter.

And now to celebrate the holiday season, we’re kicking off a new campaign! During Cherry Cheer – Holiday 2021 Edition, we invite you to nominate a person or organization you feel deserves a festive gift box from Cherry Republic based on the theme of the week. Here’s how it works:

  • Watch for your Cherry Cheer newsletter each Tuesday to find out what the theme is for that week.
  • Fill out our submission form, describing why you’ve nominated this individual or group.
  • Include a photo (horizontal, if possible) if you have one.
  • Be sure to give us permission to use the information and photo you provide so we can include it in our blog.

We’ll choose five winners each week, and highlight one of them in our weekly Cherry Cheer newsletter. Now let’s start spreading some cheer!


Nominate an individual who uniquely goes out of their way to help others during the holiday season.

  • Mike and Maggie Kent, who have been involved with the Northwest Michigan Marine’s Toys for Tots program for 24 years — with Maggie acting as Coordinator for 14 years. They were nominated by their friend, Rita, who shares that “thousands of kids have benefitted from their generosity. They pour their hearts and souls into this project every year to help make a kid’s Christmas a great one!”
  • Suzi Jennings, who was nominated by her friend, Ann, who shares: “I am proud to call Suzi my friend of over 10 years. She and her entire family feed the homeless in Golden, CO, on Thanksgiving Day and weekly, all year round. Suzi is selfless and always willing to extend a helping hand.:
  • Katie Kelley, who was nominated by her friend Annie, who says that while “working tirelessly during covid, Dr. Kelley is a neonatologist who helps save premature babies during difficult births. She brings cheer to families by bringing them comfort during their darkest hours and helping them bring their children home from the hospital—all while creating Christmas magic for her own 5 kids.”
  • Scott Scholten, nominated by Sandra, who says “I work with Scott and he is always there for anyone in need. From keeping a closet with gently used clothes, to helping people move, trying to keep others healthy and meeting their goals. Scott is the friend that everyone should have.”
  • Dan Seres, who was nominated by his daughter, Dianna. “My dad works in a grocery store and works really long hours during the holiday season and never complains!”

Nominate an organization or business that could use some Cherry Cheer!

  • Gail Levenson is the founder of the Keeping Hope Alive Charity. She was nominated by her friend Robin, who shares that Gail “has assisted more than a dozen families, distributing approximately a ton of non-perishable food, thousands of dollars in gift cards, and thousands of dollars in other support.” One hundred percent of the donations Gail collects goes to the families, and everyone who helps does it voluntarily. Thanks for your generous heart, Gail!

WEEK OF NOVEMBER 30 – December 6:
Nominate someone who always comes through with a thoughtful, funny, or clever gift each holiday season without fail. Describe some of his or her past gifts and why they were extra special to you.

  • This week’s winner is teacher Sherri Hilden. Her friend Kayla nominated her by sharing that everything Sherri does is thoughtful. “From having all of my old basketball t shirts turned into a quilt to buying extra holiday gifts for her students at Eastern Elementary to sharing the love of the holiday season and teaching them about diversity in celebration!” Sherri recently had to say goodbye to her son who is in the Naval reserves, so we hope that this gift brings her some much-needed and much-deserved cheer.

Nominate the person, family or business that best brings the magic of the season to life each year through fun and creative holiday decorations.

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