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National Wine Month: 5 Cherry Wines You Need To Try

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It seems like there’s a “day” or “month” for everything. Not that we’re complaining over here at Cherry Republic, because to be perfectly honest we love a good reason to indulge and celebrate, especially when life involves cherries. But, one calendar month we can really get behind is National Wine Month, which just so happens to be January.

During National Wine Month, our Cherry Republic retail stores will be offering twenty percent off all wine quartets, even mix and match,  and free tastings at any of our six locations. We also will be selling our limited edition Aratas for $12 this month only in stores, online, or by calling 1-800-206-6949 to place your order (this deal is only available when purchasing individual bottles, not quartets/cases). Make sure to also check out our quartets online and keep in mind that Cherry Republic is only able to ship wine to Michigan and Ohio.

In case you haven’t solidified your plans yet, we’ve got your month basically mapped out for you. And, it involves five bottles of wine you are going to want to crack open no matter the day. From Balaton to Montmorency cherries, these are the best cherry wines and deals to celebrate this month. Cheers.

Cherry Pie In A Glass: Conservancy

Topping the list is our best seller: Conservancy. Made from locally-grown Balaton and Montmorency tart cherries, our Conservancy cherry wine pays homage to one of our favorite causes – conserving and protecting the farmlands and waters of Michigan. Balaton cherries are dark, tart cherries with a little bit of sweetness to them, while Montmorency cherries have a tangy flavor unlike the sweet cherries you may see at the grocery store. We like to call this one our cherry pie in a glass! Conservancy is 10% off for National Cherry Month and sold at a price of $16.20.

The Cherry Wine of Cherry Wines: Aratas

Say hello to this 100% Danube cherry wine that originated from Hungary, but is grown in Michigan. The Danube cherry variety perfectly blends the characteristics of both tart and sweet cherries that are picked straight from Kalchik Farms in Northport, Michigan. What could be more perfect than that? Oh, maybe that you can purchase it for $12 this month only at any of our retail stores. What are you waiting for?

Barrel-Aged, Classy & Rich: Nineteen Eighty-Nine

Oak-barrel aged for 20 months, this distinctive blend of Regent grapes and Balaton cherries is dry and light, exuding the tantalizing aroma of cherries. Regent grapes create a wine that is color intensive with moderate acidity. Regent grapes can have rather much tannin and show aromas of cherries or blackcurrants.

Small Batch, Unique & Elegant: Barrel-Aged Balaton

Our Barrel-Aged Balaton retains some of the fresh cherry fruit notes of a younger wine, but is punctuated by the clove and cinnamon flavors of the spicy Balaton cherry. Hints of cola and vanilla from the 16 month barrel aging process rounds out this flavorful, full-bodied wine.

Winter In A Glass: Cherry Spiced Wine

One of the things we love about living in Northern Michigan are the cool nights that are normal in the winter, but not uncommon in the summer. Grab your cozy sweater, our Cherry Spiced Wine, your favorite book, and a seat by the fire. This blend of cherry wine, cinnamon, orange, and other spice flavors can be served at room temperature or gently warmed. Cherry Spiced Wine is 10% off for National Cherry Month and is being sold at a price of $14.40.

Where do you buy cherry wine?

Cherry Republic’s cherry wine can be bought at any of our six retail stores sprinkled throughout the state. Since January is National Wine Month, we have Aratas discounted at just $12, and our wine quartets starting as low as $52. Some of our other wines include Cherry Sangria, Cherry Red, Late Harvest Riesling, and Cherry Icewine

How do you make cherry wine?

We may be a little biased over here at Cherry Republic, but cherries make the best fruit wine with a great depth of flavor. And let’s not forget the health benefits that cherries have. In Northern Michigan, there is an abundance of cherries during the summer. If you have ever visited the area, you would know from the pick-your-own cherry farms, stands lining the peninsula, or the cherry trees filling peoples gardens.

Why is Northern Michigan and Cherry Republic known for cherry wine?

Michigan’s cherry production is about 250 million pounds, and represents about 75 percent of the tart cherries and 20 percent of the sweet cherries grown annually in the United States.

The Northern Michigan region became quickly popular for producing cherries with its sandy soil, rolling hills, and the cooling and heating effects of Lake Michigan in summer and winter, which provide ideal conditions for growing the fruit. These conditions have led to a thriving wine industry in the region, especially here at Cherry Republic. Working with the cherry farmers and wine producers in Leelanau county is something we take pride in.

Stop into any of our six retail stores, online, or call 1-800-206-6949 to indulge in our cherry wine, and save big on your favorites. Happy National Wine Month!

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