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All In The Family

The Gilroy/Zawacki/Deters family recently reunited in Glen Arbor.

For the Gilroy/Zawacki/Deters family, working at Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor has become something of a family tradition. Proof positive? A whopping nine cousins have called Cherry Republic home since 2017. Most recently, Quinn Gilroy finished up her third consecutive summer working at the Cherry Public House and as a part-time Marketing Department intern.

Now a senior at the University of Dayton, where she is studying Communication Management and Womens and Gender Studies, Quinn took some time to chat with us about how her Portland, OR-based family found its way to Glen Arbor, MI, and why working at Cherry Republic has become a family affair.

How many of your family members have worked at Cherry Republic and when did this connection first begin?

A total of nine of my cousins have worked at Cherry Republic, including Dan Zawacki (26), Matt Deters (25), Kate Zawacki (24), Jack Gilroy (23), Ryan Deters (22), Quinn Gilroy (21), Joe Zawacki (20), Hugh Gilroy (20), Sarah Zawacki (18). My family has been working at CR since 2017 when Kate started work in the GA retail store. After that year, the Cherry Public House opened up, and CR began offering summer housing for out of state workers. My cousins have all worked in the Public House since then in server and supervisor roles.

Quinn enjoyed her time working at the Cherry Public House the past 3 years.

Are all of you from Oregon? What’s your family’s connection to Glen Arbor?

The Deters family made their way to Northern Michigan when John and Pat Deters (grandma and grandpa to all of us) bought a condo at the Homestead in 1980. Our parents’ family grew up moving around frequently, changing homes, states and schools often. Our grandparents saw the need for a place that their kids, and future grandkids, could call a home away from home. John and Pat’s 5 kids and 12 grandkids now live in Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, and Portland, OR, traveling back to Northern Michigan every summer for a week-long vacation with 30+ people.

What are your favorite memories of working at Cherry Republic?

My favorite memories are a culmination of everything that makes Northern Michigan so uniquely special. The way CR embraces all that Northern Michigan has to offer not only in the workplace, but extending outside of that. They have fostered an environment that encourages growth, exploration, and kindness in all that they do. Working with my cousins and siblings over the past few years has been truly unforgettable and will live on in stories and memories to be shared on family vacations to come. CR has become a place that I am excited to go into everyday to meet new people, challenge myself, and grow as a person.

Working with my cousins and siblings over the past few years has been truly unforgettable and will live on in stories and memories to be shared on family vacations to come.

Quinn Gilroy

What would you tell someone considering working here?

I would say DO IT! It is such a unique experience to be living with the people you work with, in a work environment that makes each moment feel valuable yet fun, all in the heart of beautiful Northern Michigan. Working with CR has given me memories and friendships that I am beyond grateful for, alongside life skills and experiences that are irreplaceable.

We can only assume their baseball loyalties don’t lie with the Tigers!

If you want to get in on the fun of working at Cherry Republic, you’re in luck! We are hiring for several positions, so take a look here.