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Sharing Pie Up North Blog

The 31 Days of Giving

Cherry Republic is proud to announce the 50+ worthwhile recipients of our 2017 31 Days of Giving.  Our donations are focused on environmental and agricultural organizations with vision. This year, we introduce a new mission of ours —  In five years, Cherry Republic will be powered by 100% local renewable energy.  We hope to contribute […]

Sharing Pie Up North Blog

31 Days of Giving 2016

Tis the season to give back to Michigan, the state that has done so much for Cherry Republic.  Each day in December, Cherry Republic will designate an organization for a major contribution.  In total, we will give away $150,000.
December 31st.

Crosshatch.  $10,000.  This is an ongoing contribution for this valuable organization supporting small farms and young […]

Sharing Pie Up North Blog

Gift From the Heart

A Gift from the Heart
Some of our staff’s favorite gifts they’ve ever received were handwritten notes from friends, family, and kids. It’s these treasured keepsakes that mean more then anything tangible to people. That’s why our elves whipped up some handy postcards ready for you to print at home and mail or, even better,  hand-deliver […]

Sharing Pie Up North Blog

…and Pie!

To Cherry Republic, pie stands for generosity and abundance.   We gratefully share the earth’s abundance.   Is there any more important words that this company lives by?  Our overflowing sample bowls, free gift boxing, the cards, the support we give to local groups.   Our staff also generously gives positive energy to each customer that comes in. […]