Sharing Pie Up North Blog

…and Pie!

To Cherry Republic, pie stands for generosity and abundance.   We gratefully share the earth’s abundance.   Is there any more important words that this company lives by?  Our overflowing sample bowls, free gift boxing, the cards, the support we give to local groups.   Our staff also generously gives positive energy to each customer that comes in.  A smile and friendly greeting are standard and if time allows for an uplifting conversation– all the better.

We have found that if we are generous to our customers, they will return in kind.  But it goes deeper.  If we are generous, this beautiful region will continue to be a bountiful land of abundance for all who live and come to visit.

A true gift with true intentions comes with positive energy on that recipient.   But a true gift comes with no expectations.  One day this spring, two college kids came into Cherry Republic with a loaf of bread.  They went over to our sample table and spread both White Chocolate Cherry Peanut Butter and Cherry Almond Butter on the bread and made two sandwiches and left.

My staff was irate with the gall of those kids.  I shook my head and asked if this had ever happened before.  They said no.  After talking with them for a while, we all came to same conclusion.  Our generosity doesn’t feel right if it has limitations– since we can easily afford it, we can help supply some industrious kids a lunch.

Oh, I can write so much on generosity and the simple act of giving.  But I am writing to the choir.  So many of our customers come to Cherry Republic to give a gift to someone.  For two decades we have been inspired by people’s capacity and desire to give to others for every reason under the sun.  Yes, we have learned how to be generous and we have learned from you.