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November Up North

We had some wild weather in the past month.  My friend Charlie Crouch snapped this photo on Sleeping Bear Bay during a big storm.

Here is a video of the winds 1000 miles from Hurricane Sandy.

Colebrook and Hawthorn OD’d on candy.

The boys playing on a giant nest of sticks.

Hawthorn posing with a hatchet before […]

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Fright Night

(Continued from the 10/18 Orchard Report)

And of course they were not at all surprised when I jumped out and yelled, “Raaarrrr.” I went to run ahead again, and they followed me as fast as they could so they could see me hide again. All the way down the trail I tried to hide but they […]

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Featured Product of the Week

Each week we will feature at least one product in the Orchard Report, our email newsletter…sometimes at a discount, other times simply because we love it so much!

This week….Cherry Pumpkin Cake!  A rich, buttery frosted pumpkin cake with plump dried cherries and the perfect combination of fall spices.  Perfect for two to share!  Learn more […]