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Rooted in Empire

From left to right, Bob Sutherland (CEO), Al Skiver (Builder), Todd Ciolek (COO) and Roni Hazelton (Director of DFC Operations) plant their shovels in the ground and move the first piles of dirt, officially beginning construction in Empire.

On Friday, May 23,  Cherry Republic broke ground on our new cherry factory in Empire. Located behind our […]

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Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

Just one of the many breathtaking vistas to be found on Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

No list of northern Michigan scenery is complete without a mention of Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. Situated between Glen Arbor and Empire it offers spectacular views, firstly through forest and across Glen Lake, and then over the dunes and out […]

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Surfing in Northern Michigan

Surfers heading to the beach at Sleeping Bear Point. Photo: Beth Price.

It may be about a thousand miles to the nearest ocean, but you can surf in northern Michigan. While the waves are usually small, the right conditions can produce surprisingly large and high-quality surf. Sadly, those conditions aren’t that common until the fall. But after […]