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Progress From The Storm

Summer Storm 2015 The sleeping bears seen in the clouds ushered in a peaceful sunset after the shear storm Sunday August 2nd

Summer Storm 2015 Trucks full of new power poles were coming into Glen Arbor as crews worked for 108 hours straight to return power to the community last week.

Summer Storm 2015 This oak tree now stands alone at the top of Alligator Hill

Summer Storm 2015 Glen Arbor neighbor Bill Peterson wrote a note to Georgia Gietzen after a tree fell from his yard onto her mailbox

Summer Storm 2015 FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) brought in truck loads of water to Glen Arbor while the power was out

Summer Storm 2015 A little humor found in a road sign marking a closed road for the “power restoration event”

Summer Storm 2015 Things are starting to return to normal but still a lot to do!

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