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The Cherry Report

Here we are in the largest cherry growing region in the world where there are nearly 2 million cherry trees spread across the lands of the Cherry Republic. Each year, the cherries are harvested and pitted and flash frozen and then hundreds of millions of pounds are stored in freezers the size of football fields. […]

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Free Shipping Top Ten

How many ways can you take advantage of our April free shipping offer?
Let us count the Top 10 ways:

10.  Get a 5# box of dried cherries for your cupboard and save the $9.

9.  Make an early holiday order! Yes, Evelyn in California did this and has her holiday gifts for friends already done.

8.  Give a […]

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Tees, Please!

Cherry Republic has been working hard on t-shirts for summer 2012.  We have some designs that our staff and I created, one came from a customer and a few from experts across the country.  Take a look and tell us what you think and maybe even get in the summer spirit at the same time. […]

Up North Blog

Happy Birthday, Boomchunka!

Cherry Republic’s first food product– the first Cherry Boomchunka Cookie was baked 20 years ago.  For two decades, we have been baking, packaging and selling this dynamite mixture of chocolate, cherries and oatmeal.

Here are some fun stories of our most famous of all the products we make:

The name Cherry Boomchunka didn’t come to me overnight. […]