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Port Oneida Ski

On Sunday, my family and I skied across some beautiful secret terrain in the most difficult to get to sections of Port Oneida Historic District. We dropped our car off on Port Oneida Road and then climbed into our truck and drove four miles to a spot between Bass Lake and Narada and skied some […]

Up North Blog

Boomer Bear Makes It Home For Christmas

Boomer Bear celebrates his long-anticipated return to the Frankenmuth Cherry Republic store.

Boomer visits with Santa in Traverse City.

Longtime Citizens of the Republic are familiar with Boomer, our affable bear. He’s always in high demand, often traveling between our six Michigan stores. He’s become quite the celeb over the years, making guest appearances at […]

Recipes Up North Blog

Hot Cherry Cheese Dip

Thanks to Shannon Murphy for submitting this recipe for our 2018 Holiday Recipe Contest! Shannon prefers to use our Original Cherry Salsa, but feel free to use the heat level of your choice — from Mild to Hot to Cherries on Fire!

This dip is best served hot/warm with tortilla chips (she suggests the Scoops-like chips), […]