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A Week in the Life

Cherry Republic has two cherry trees in our gardens.  And miraculously, our cherries are doing pretty well.  I think this weekend, some might be ripe and ready to pick.

Speaking of our garden, the roses are spectacular right now!

After 7 years, Steph finally drove our tractor.  Here she is moving a sandpile to our new sandbox.

Cree Woodard, our gardener, came over for dinner and brought this bouquet of flowers from the Cherry Republic garden.

Here are a few of our cafe staff ready to take your order. As you can see, we hire based on how good their ability is to create smiles.  That’s my nephew Isky, then Samantha, Melissa, Brian and Michele.  It’s Brian’s first day!

Hawthorn and Colebrook.  This summer is about bikes….

…and beaches…

…and being together…

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