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Glen Arbor Summer Withdrawal

From the looks of it, things have calmed down quite a bit around town after Labor Day.  But as there once used to be a saying that you could shoot a gun down M22 and not hit a thing after the start of the month, that’s not so true these days.  Still, it’s a gentle hum of busyness; no car horns, plenty of parking, and businesses open to those who are experiencing our little secret:  September in Glen Arbor.

The cars are always at Art’s…

A quiet outdoor scene, but hopping inside.

A beautiful Glen Arbor evening, quiet up the main drag of M22.

Or let’s put it this way…quiet enough to be able to stand in the middle of the road and take this picture.

Boonedocks bar wrapped up during a weekday with a small troop of outdoor diners.

The September 13th sunset beckons people to the beach!

Remember those long summer lines at Anderson’s?  Bunny’s got it all under control in one line these days.

The Great Hall is still semi-bustling.

Plenty of room at the tennis courts in town.

If you REALLY want to experience Glen Arbor when it’s not busy, come back in January!

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