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5 Healthy Reasons to Eat Montmorency Cherries

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Cherries are one of the most beloved fruits, and for good reason. If you’ve ever had the luxury of eating a cherry straight off the tree in Northern Michigan, you know there’s nothing like a fresh cherry’s flavor. They’re not only delicious but are also packed with vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds that result in powerful health effects.

Sweet, snackable, and nutritious, the Montmorency cherry deserves a place in your diet. Below are five healthy reasons on why incorporating Montmorency cherries into your weekly meal plan could be beneficial.


Why cherries help you sleep

The Cleveland Clinic states that “tart Montmorency cherries can aid sleep by increasing the amount of melatonin, a sleep hormone. Melatonin, which is produced naturally in your body by your brain’s pineal gland and can be taken as a supplement, partially controls your body’s sleep-wake cycle.” This hormone is necessary for not just sending you to sleep, but also helping you stay asleep and wake up around the same time each day. It helps to set your internal clock so that your sleep health becomes more regulated. A good night’s rest isn’t just important for your busy days, but also so your body can recover properly overnight, and to prevent excess cortisol (stress) that can lead to heart disease, weight gain, and even muscle and joint pain.

Exercise Recovery*

The Montmorency Cherry, rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, may have a protective effect to reduce muscle damage and pain during strenuous exercise. Researchers concluded that tart cherry juice consumption can improve recovery of isometric muscle strength after an intensive workout. One theory proposed is that the high levels of polyphenols (including flavonoids and anthocyanins) found in tart cherry juice helped lessen the oxidative damage induced by the exercise.

Arthritis and Gout*

Cherries have been shown to lower the levels of uric acid in the body and therefore might lower the risk of a gout attack. Tart cherry juice is rich in plant-based compounds called anthocyanins and polyphenols, both of which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. These compounds may be useful in relieving arthritis pain and inflammation.

Heart Health*

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Though berries are great sources of antioxidants that ward off heart disease; cherries also offer a high dose of anthocyanins that could lower cholesterol and potentially reduce inflammation. These antioxidants are evident by the rich hue of color found in cherries. In fact, studies show that tart cherries lower high cholesterol and triglycerides, which may help in everything from improving your weight to improving your arterial health.  This may also reduce your risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Dark, sweet cherries also come with these same benefits, though tart cherries are said to be slightly more beneficial. Cherries’ antioxidant content is so high, they’re even higher in certain specific antioxidants than red wine or dark chocolate!

Aid Weight Loss*

Montmorency cherries have also been shown to reduce belly fat due to the way they lower inflammation, reduce stress, improve cholesterol levels, and aid in helping you achieve a healthy sleep cycle. Their specific antioxidant compounds are also directly linked to a lower waistline. Though tart cherry juice and dried cherries are often recommended, be sure to choose whole food cherries when you can, since dried and juice forms are always higher in sugar and calories. Go for the whole, natural fruit the way nature created it whenever possible.

Check Out Our CherryStrong Products

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So, as you can see, the Montmorency Cherry is pretty amazing for you! Try our cherries in a chocolate cherry snack bar, frozen cherry berry smoothie, cherry berry jam thumbprint cookie, or in a breakfast muffin.

See more cherry recipes here for more ways to use this healthy fruit!

**These statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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