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Bob and family are camping and traveling in the Western U.S. for 2 weeks.  Here’s two more stories from their adventures.

Yesterday afternoon, we went on a third hike in Joshua Tree National Park.  This one was called Jumbo Rocks.  The boys dashed down the trail ahead of us.  Around us were boulders stacked in every shape and size.  Seeing the boys running in this desert setting– it reminded me of the old Road Runner cartoons.   Whoever created that cartoon had to have thought of this unique park.  It is sand and cactus and cliffs with loose boulders everywhere.  And when they run Hawthorn’s legs spin like the Road Runner and Colebrook leans forward like Wiley Coyote.  These rocks are amazing.  If Momma let us, we’d climb every rock we see.  But she’s too worried that the wily Colebrook will push a big boulder down on speedy Hawthorns head!

It has been so cold, we have been eating all of our meals in the camper.  But last night, we made a fire in the fire pit and cooked brats on its grill.  I had been cold all day, so I sat on a cooler positioned as close to the fire as possible.  Hawthorn joined me while Steph (in good winter gear) sat with Colebrook (in barely anything) on the picnic table in 35 degree weather and ate.  After dinner with a child in each of our laps, Steph and I talked about the stars and warmed ourselves in the flames.  It was a beautiful night, made even more sweet by the light snores of our little boys sleeping in our arms.

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