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Finding a Christmas Tree

For the last 7 years, we have used an artificial tree from our wedding.  This year, with the boys just ripe for another Christmas adventure, we thought we would go out and get our first real Christmas tree.

We went to the self serve Lion’s Club lot way out in nowhere and manned by nobody.  You get a tree and then send a check.  I hope that there aren’t too many Lion’s Club members reading this, cuz I haven’t yet sent a check.  Steph was with us, but wasn’t dressed for photo’s.  And somebody had to take the pics..

Within minutes after arriving at the lot, Colebrook yelled to us, “How about this tree?”IMG_0363-2

 “Or, we could pick that tree.” IMG_0367-2

 While we were looking at trees, Hawthorn found an arrow. He was completely sidetracked by this arrow.  We finally put the arrow in the truck to play with later.  IMG_0376-2

Hawthorn likes the tree his Mom found. IMG_0384-2

Colebrook absolutely loves the snow.  He’d sleep in it at night if he could. IMG_0387-2

Watch out trees.  Here comes the Michigan chain saw murderer. IMG_0390-2

There has to be a trunk in here somewhere. IMG_0395-2

Here are the boys inspecting our prize tree IMG_0403-2

For a second, Colebrook thought he could drag the tree back to the truck. IMG_0406-2

But, hey, that’s why the boys brought Daddy– to do the heavy stuff.


Colebrook says, “We got our tree.  Let’s get out of here!”  Hawthorn says, “Merry Christmas everyone!” IMG_0424-2 IMG_0438-2

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