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Behind the Holiday Scenes at Cherry Republic

Cherry Republic began as a small store with 2 employees but now employs over 200 people for the busy holiday season. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at Cherry Republic during our busiest time of the year!

Here are several of Cherry Republic’s call center staff answering the phones.  Chances are, if you call our 1-800 number to make an order, you will chat with someone in this room.  And you just might get Patty, our Cherry Republic customer service manager, who is pictured (in blue) below.  Anybody recognize this space?  It is the cafe seating area in Glen Arbor.


Here is our Corporate Gift Department.  They are up on the second floor above Petoskey Pete’s across from Art’s Tavern.  They just moved to a more to this more spacious office perfect for these capable people to answer and process orders.


Look at these beautiful Double Dark Boomchunkas Cookies.  We’ve improved our Boomchunkas and we are selling more than ever.  We baked 4,000 cookies on the day we took these photos.





Pictured below is Sara our new corporate baker whipping up a new batch of Boomchunkas for everyone to enjoy during the holidays.


Here is our bakery team.  Pictured in the photo is 47 years of experience at Cherry Republic.



The production team was making Cherry Jam the day we took this photo.  They were in a race to see if they could make more jars of jam than the bakery team could make cookies.  They were at 3,600 when we took this photo of them.



Here is our assembly crew.  They faithfully bag all of our chocolate covered cherries, cherry nut mixes and other yummy items.  Sometimes, it is monotonous work manning the twist tie machine or sticking the label on 10 billion times, but they cheerfully get the work done.


Below is our staff that handles all the shipping that goes out of Cherry Republic. As you can imagine these guys are as busy as elves shipping out your gift.

Tom and a few of his packers already packing and shipping for Christmas

These are a few of our difficult order staff taking a break.  Look at all the experience and wisdom in this photo.  These all-stars reside in a special place in the warehouse.  We give them everything they need and then get out of their way, and they get the challenging work done quietly and perfectly.


Here is our corporate order assembly staff.  We work with hundreds of companies who order from 12 to 5,000 gift boxes.  Each box is hand-packed in this area.


Here are the gift boxing assembly lines.  We sent out an entire semi truckload of boxes on this day.  And the bulk of the gift boxes get made in this area.  In the one photo, you can see the semi getting loaded.  Next week, we are projecting to send fill two semi trucks in one day.




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