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Fall Around the Republic

Charles Olsen Farm Fall colors surrounding the red barn at the Charles Olsen Farm in Port Oneida.

It’s hard for us to pick a favorite time of year up north in the Republic. But if you forced us to, we’d have to say “fall.”

It’s so peaceful. The bustling crowds of summer have returned home and life up north returns to a more sedate pace. The weather is often beautiful with fair skies and mild temperatures. When the weather is not beautifully nice, it’s often beautifully dramatic as autumnal squalls blow in and whip the lakes and the land into a stormy frenzy.

But for us at Cherry Republic, fall is also the calm before a different storm. The holidays are fast approaching and with them comes our busiest and most exciting time of the year.

Each year we try to be better than the previous year. We try to provide better service. We try to help more people. And, of course, we try to sell more cherries!

This year is especially hectic. We’re building a new cherry factory in Empire. It’s a huge project by itself, but it’s not nearly ready yet. So our bakery has had to move into the kitchen in the Grand Cafe. All of our cookies and cakes and pies will be made out of that tiny little kitchen in Glen Arbor for the remainder of the year. I’m always amazed by the resourcefulness of our team as they make challenges like this work so flawlessly!

The remainder of the Grand Cafe has been commandeered by our Mail Order department. Each year we receive thousands of phone calls from people all over the country wanting to send Michigan cherry gifts all over the world. It all happens right here in our cafe!

We hope to see you up north soon, but until then the photos below will provide a taste of the amazing fall we’ve had and offer a brief glimpse behind the scenes as Cherry Republic gears up for the holiday fun.

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