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Hockey on Little Glen Lake

As we have been driving back and forth between our Glen Arbor HQ and our Empire Warehouse fulfilling orders, our staff has been driving by perfect ice on Little Glen Lake. The ice has been smooth as glass and hard as diamonds across the entire lake. We knew it wouldn’t be thick, but we thought it was time to kick off a beloved winter activity — ice skating. So yesterday, a few of us pulled away from work early and I grabbed my boys and Steph and we skated in the wind protected lee of the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

The ice wasn’t thick — maybe 4 inches on average. All of us were worried about breaking thru at first. Luckily, Little Glen Lake is very shallow, so busting through the ice would only mean a soaked foot.

There is that time each December when winter truly feels here in all it’s icy brittle cold, and a couple days ago it was single digits and windy as a ship-sinking gale. It would be a natural time to hunker down for the next 5 months. But to live up north, you have to fight that urge to hunker down which causes nothing but cabin fever. And in these fun little December activities outside come that moment when we accept winter — the good and the bad.

I think this afternoon skate was that moment for several of us. It is going to be a great winter up north. You should come up and join us!

Hockey skates and a Boomchunka waiting to play Hockey skates and a frozen Cherry Boomchunka Cookie waiting to play. We thought it would be fun to use one of our famous cookies for a hockey puck.

Todd and the boys waiting for the adults to lace up Our COO, Todd Ciolek and the boys waiting for the adults to lace up. That’s the Dune climb in the background. There is just a little skirting of snow.

Colebrook gets ready to drop the puck Colebrook gets ready to drop the puck to start our game. Andrew Pritchard, our Internet Manager is intent on winning the face off against me.

Ice hockey on Little Glen Let the games begin!

Ed and Colebrook facing off Ed and Colebrook facing off.

Andrew coming up from behind Andrew coming up from behind with a full steam of icy momentum.

Bob and Hawthorne sharing the Boomchunka after the game Bob and Hawthorne sharing the puck after the game. Yum. We’ve never tasted a better puck in our lives.

the team The team. That’s Nat Gray, our Finance Manager, on the left and I think I introduced everyone else. Happy Winter everyone!

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