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2015 Special Fall Harvest Cherry products


We thought it would be fun to mix photos of fall with our fall Harvest products.  Fall has stayed around this year like a good friend.   We love our fall products just as much as we’ve loved this warm and blustery weather.  While we wish our products could stay with us forever, we know that they will be leaving us in just a few more weeks. After enjoying this blog, feel free to enjoy the flavors of fall by ordering here.


Here is a recent shot of our Traverse City cafe bakery counter all jazzed up for fall.  Sara and Katie Grace can make our products taste and look great.  Just watch out if Colebrook and Hawthorn come visit…


The weather is never so cold and wintry that we cannot enjoy a cookies and ice cream.  Here is our Harvest Boomchunka with our homemade Cherry Apple Pie Ice Cream.  


The leaves looked so colorful this year and as a bonus they stayed on the trees for an extra week or two.  But early yesterday morning on October 29th, a big cold wet wind came in and blew nearly every leaf in northern Michigan to the ground.  We should have a name for the storm that ends the fall colors each year – how about?


Our Cider Spiced Pumpkin Cake has been a big hit.  Packed with pumpkin and spices, this cake is wrapped around a flavorful filling of apple and cherries, a taste of fall in eat bite.  It is great with whipped cream and ice cream and I even ate it for breakfast one morning.  


Our CIA corporate chef Tony Finnestad created this chunky spiced cherry apple jam that is just between a butter, sauce and preserve.  It can be spread on toast, eaten with pork, or eaten out of the jar.  

We take pictures of the trees in fall, but we remember the colorful leaves on the ground best.  I think it is because of the smell of those leaves.  


Doesn’t this photo remind you of a hike in the woods in the fall?  What are you doing right now?  Head outside and enjoy the last of it right now.  Or, if you’d like to enjoy fall another way, order here.