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Cherry Broccoli Salad

This salad is always a favorite in my house new because my kids and I are not big fans of the traditional version that calls for raisins. By adding Cherry Republic dried cherries it adds a unique sweetness complimentary to the sour of the vinegar dressing.

Bacon – 1 pound
Chopped Broccoli – 6 cups
Red Onion – […]

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New Look – Same Taste

Change has come to the Republic! We’ve been working tirelessly to freshen up the look of our delicious cherry goodies. So far we’ve gotten almost all of our most popular products in their new packages and we’re still moving along.
It’s an exciting ride, and we put this blog together because we were well overdue on […]

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Cherries: From Orchard to Store

A Queen Anne cherry tree outside of Cherry Republic.

Within 25 miles of Cherry Republic’s headquarters in Glen Arbor is the greatest cherry growing region in the world with nearly 2 million cherry trees resting on our beautiful hillsides overlooking Lake Michigan. How do all those cherries get grown and harvested and then made into […]

Recipes Up North Blog

Savory Cherry Strudel

Savory Cherry Strudel
This Savory Cherry Strudel recipe was developed by one of Cherry Republic’s own, Gene Kovacs and his partner Craig (the true chef, by Gene’s own admission!). He brought this dish to an office brunch and it stole the show. Full of chicken, goat cheese, Cherry Republic Dried Cherries, sundried tomatoes, Poblano peppers, bacon […]