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Cherry Republic Opens In “Little Bavaria”


Cherry Republic is opening a storefront in Frankenmuth.  The planning and remodeling is going great.  The space is terrific.  We hope to be open by Memorial Weekend.  

Why another storefront?  We believe growth is a good thing for Cherry Republic, our farmers and our employees.  More storefronts meets our company goal of getting the fabulous cherry in every cupboard and a meaningful memory in every heart.  The bigger our company becomes, the more we can offer our current customers.  The benefit to the farmers– it increases the demand for cherries and it helps stabilize pricing.  And for our employees, we get to hire more people and offer better pay, more benefits and responsibility.  

Cherry Farm Pretty soon our cherry Trees will be in bloom getting ready for the 2016 harvest

We have a saying, company growth creates personal growth.  We love the challenge of adapting to all the change that happens in growth.  And we become better people in the journey of overcoming the challenges and soaring from the new heights growth provides.

Our awesome 2015 Cherry Republic Summer staff. Our 2015 Cherry Republic Summer staff, pretty soon we will welcome more smiling faces to our team

Why Frankenmuth?  Honestly, we like Frankenmuth.  We like the people we are working with. We believe in the city’s vision.  We like their position as one of the biggest destinations in Michigan.    We also have found that there are lots of people that visit Frankenmuth that do not visit northern Michigan.  We’d like to give these new customers an experience similar to what we provide in northern Michigan.   We believe the special Cherry Republic shopping experience that we provide is good for Michigan, and we are proud that it only happens in Michigan.  You need to come here to our great state.  Ultimately, a Cherry Republic store in Frankenmuth is good for the great state of Michigan.

Ruby red morsels of joy Ruby red morsels of joy

What will you sell?  Our core cherry products!  Cherry Salsa, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Cherry Nut Mixes, Cherry Almond Butter, Cherry Boomchunka Cookies, Cherry Boomchuggalugga Soda Pop.  Eventually, when we get the licensing – our cherry wines and hard ciders.  Of course, there will be some items like cherry pies, ice tea, ice cream and many of our t-shirts and specialty items that you have to come to Glen Arbor or Traverse City for.  

Salsas-on-Chalkboard Our best products are getting ready to travel south!

What won’t you sell?  Banana’s, oranges, mangos, and other fruits.  Nope.  No, no car parts or time shares.  Just cherries.

Will you sample?  Absolutely.  Generosity is our number one value– We gratefully share the earth’s abundance.

SAMPLES! Samples a plenty of course!

Will you be able to take orders and send gifts?  You bet!  Gifting is what we do best.  Gift boxes, gift cards, the natural decorations– all that is free.

Gifting is what we do best Gifting is what we do best

What do you think?  Any advice or comments?