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Building a ‘NEST’ in Jamaica

Last month, we told you about Trisann — one of our seasonal International Ambassadors, who left Glen Arbor at the end of the summer to return to her home country of Jamaica as a high school chemistry teacher. She was in need of some basic supplies for her students, and our Citizens responded with generous hearts. (Click here for an update on Trisann’s school.)

Well, it turns out Trisann wasn’t the only future teacher among our ranks. Meet Miguel Binns, who has worked in the kitchen at Cherry Public House for the past two summers. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Education at the University of the West Indies and teaches at Grove Primary School in St. Andrew, Jamaica. This rural school has partnered with a philanthropic group called the Fraternity of Roosters under an initiative called ‘The Roosters NEST’ (Nurture, Empower, Support and Transform).

The school is composed of economically disadvantaged students, almost 45 percent of whom are illiterate. The goal of the NEST initiative is working to boost students’ math and reading skills, while also raising funds to make much-needed improvements to the school’s 90-year-old infrastructure. Miguel, who has humbly asked for contributions of basic school items (see list below), explains that monetary gifts are also greatly appreciated.

“Monetary contributions would go towards creating a math lab for students, buying paint for the school, buying fans and desk and chairs for the students,” he says. “We know it is a big project because the school is in a dire condition and this reflects in the performance of the students, but whatever resources you can provide, it will go a far way in helping to make this world a better place.”

For those who are interested in helping out this young teacher and his students, you can drop off supplies with Kelli Stepka at our Corporate HQs at 5915 S Ray St., Glen Arbor. You can email talent@cherryrepublic.com with questions or call Kelli at 231-334-3150, ext. 2215.

Checks should be made out to Grove Primary School and sent directly to:

Grove Primary School
Grove District
Gordon Town PO
St. Andrew, Jamaica

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

School Supply Wish List:

1. Pencils- Jumbo and Small

2. Sharpeners

3. Erasers

4. Pens

5. Playdough

6. Whiteboard Markers

7. Hardcover Notebooks

8. Folder Leaves

9. Meter Rulers

10. Globes of the World

11. Atlas

12. Crayons

13. Maps- Caribbean, Jamaica and the world

14. Scrap Books

15. Abacus

16. Flip Chart

17. Science Charts- Plants, sense organs, water cycle

18. First Aid Kits

19. Tape Recorder

20. Portable Speakers

21. Radio/CD Player

22. Reading Books for Infants

23. Floor Games for Kids

24. Building Blocks

25. Measuring Cups and Spoons

26. Scientific Models- Teeth, Stomach, Brain, Heart and Lungs

27. Dice

28. Toy Trucks and Cars

29. Dominos

30. Solid shapes

31. Balance Scale

32. Flash Cards

33. Jigsaw Puzzles

34. Plastic Storage Containers

35. Charts (Days of the week, months of the year, number charts)

36. Math Kit- Algebra Tiles, Deans Blocks, Fraction Tiles, AngLegs, GeoBoard

37. Desktop Computers/Laptops (Used ones would be accepted as well)

38. Interactive Smart Board

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