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From Trees to Bowls

Northwestern Michigan Woodturners Club joined residents on the patio at Cherry Republic Tuesday night.  David Watt, pictured on the right is one of the woodturners and helped organize the event.IMG_1977

The bowls pictured above were donated by woodturners for people to purchase by simply writing a thank you note and making a donation to the “Re-Arbor Glen Arbor” fund. The bowls all came from local trees which fell during the August 2nd storm.


Bob greets Deb Shutt a local resident who is holding one of the first bowls turned after the storm.  Deb lost many beautiful old oak trees.


Bowls on display made from local residents trees by Northwestern Michigan Woodturners Club . Each bowl has a story and a thank you note. IMG_1979

The Glen Arbor Art Association hosted a juried show called Views of the Storm.  Below are the winners. 

from trees to bowls

Bowl submitted by local resident and Northwestern Michigan Woodturner David Watt.


First place winner, “Blown Away” textiles/quilt by Kathy Lubig


Second place winner, “Resilience” oil on canvas by Sherry McNamara


Third place winner, “… And Then There Were No More Trees” tissue, acrylic paint, pencil by Joan Gurthet