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Ice Cream

The trick to good homemade ice cream is lots of time consuming layering of fun ingredients!  This photo catches Matt our ice cream maker adding caramel sauce.  If you look closely, there are chocolate covered waffle chips in the bucket in the foreground that go in next and almonds in the bowl above him.  Hey, I think he’s making Rain Orchard Crunch!


We have 15 years of recipes that have slowly been improved with meticulous notes.


Introducing our “Frozen” cream makers. That’s Elsa on the left and Anna on the right our two ice cream makers.


Who would have ever thought we could come up with such a large variety of delicious cherry ice creams!IMG_1715

We are happy to top off your cone with one of our trademark cherry toppings.  Our compliments, of course!


If you ask the staff for their favorite ice cream product—cherry floats will top the list!  What could be better than combining our famous soda or lemonade with our fabulous ice cream?

IMG_2017 IMG_2025

Or how about a comfortably sized Monster Sundae?IMG_2036

We have a new addition in our bakery—bitty bundts.  Why not add a little ice cream?  It’s summertime after all….


We have a terrific crew of ice cream scoopers ready to serve you.  Here is Maddy serving up some delicious Cherry Pie ice cream

IMG_2931-1024x768 IMG_2932-1024x768

I bet Laura Ann, the photographer for this blog didn’t have to say, “Smile”, before she snapped this photo of these happy kids from the Dunafon and Grossmann families from Columbia Missouri.IMG_2042