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Shining A Light On Solar Energy

Terry and Kim Vandercook have been breeding and raising goats for the past 13 years at their Sand Bar Farm in Manton, Michigan. They strive to be good stewards of the land and respect their natural resources by practicing intensive rotational grazing, while composting all manure and bedding material and returning it to the fields. They avoid the use of commercial fertilizers and herbicides; instead, they deploy the goats when and where needed to improve pasture and forage performance.

Terry and Kim view adding their ground-mounted 6500 watt solar array as the next “natural” choice. Wanting to achieve maximum efficiency from their system, the Vandercooks added Nano Coating to the surface of the solar modules. They are also able to tilt the angle of the entire array to adjust to the changing seasons. These combined improvements will increase the system’s energy production by as much as 16%.

This is the eighth farm in Northern Michigan that Cherry Republic has helped become powered by renewable energy. It is our company’s hope — along with Crosshatch — that every farm in the north will be 100% powered by wind and solar!

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