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Hiking Alaska

There’s only one thing we love more than receiving letters from our Citizens singing the praises of their favorite Cherry Republic products, and that’s when they also include stunning photos like the onces we received recently from Mags S., along with this nice letter:

“Born and raised in West Mich, I decided to spend the month of May in Homer, Alaska, for fun.

“It was in my backpack for 23+ miles of trail out here and it kept me going.”

I am known to pack squishy PB&Js and load up on other processed snacks to avoid having to pay for airport food when I travel, and to avoid being hangry throughout said travel, but my mamma gifted me a bag of your Hiker’s Mix and it is ( or was … see attached photos, it is gone now) a game changer! WOW! Here is three reasons why I extra loved it:

  1. (Most importantly) It has real flavor! The taste, the blend of tastes…SO GOOD!
  2. It is filling! Oh yeah. It doesn’t just talk the talk…. it walks the walk! It was in my backpack for 23+ miles of trail out here and it kept me going.
  3. It starts great conversations! Everytime going through security in the airports when I empty out my relatively large snack bag, it usually ends up being sorted through anyway. This time around the lady at TSA was raving about how cool it was that y’all stuck a compass on a bag. Later, my hiking companions had the same fascination. The two of them actually fought over who was going to take it home.

Long story short – thanks for makin’ the best Hiker’s Mix.

With gratitude,


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