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A New Olympic Sport

Sonny has his eyes on the prize.

Oct. 7, 2022 — On Sunday, Hawthorn and I watched the latest episode of The Rings of Power. We were munching on a bag of popcorn and enjoying the show when Sonny thought he’d join us. So our big dog snaked his way between our coffee table and couch and under teenage legs and positioned himself perfectly to watch the most important show going on — popcorn eating.

Yesterday, our Glen Lake High School tennis team earned a berth into the state finals with an excellent showing at regionals. It was down to the wire when Colebrook went out for his semi-final match against an all-state player and senior from Big Rapids. If Colebrook could win this, we were going to states, and as the sophomore and senior walked out on the court and their teammates gathered around to cheer them on, everyone knew the significance.

They had played each other several times and each match had been a nail biter. Sonny was with Steph and me — our mascot with his black, gold and white fur matching our Laker team colors perfectly. And as all of us watched two young boys hit pressure-packed groundstrokes back and forth between us from the stands, Sonny squeezed underneath the old wooden seats held up by rusty iron scaffolding. While we watched a spinning green ball, he watched the cookies and sandwiches above him and lifted his big head out from under the seats. His antics offered a needed moment of comic relief for all of us.

And the winners of a nearly three-hour match were the Lakers and Sonny, who won two cookies, a half sandwich and a handful of Fritos.

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