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Cherry Pie Pockets

These delightful popovers are not only scrumptious, but also quick and easy to make thanks to the use of crescent rolls and Cherry Republic’s Mamma Mary’s Top Secret Cherries! INGREDIENTS Two 8 oz. cans crescent rollsOne 18 oz. jar Mamma Mary’s Top Secret Cherries1/2 cup powdered sugar2-3 tsp. milk1 tsp. vanilla extract DIRECTIONS Preheat oven …

Recipes Up North Blog

Cherry Cinnamon Rolls

Whether enjoying a leisurely brunch on the weekend or a hectic weekday breakfast, you can whip up this tastety morning treat in no time with the help of packaged crescent rolls and Mamma Mary’s Top Secret Cherries. INGREDIENTS 1 package crescent rolls1/2 jar Mamma Mary’s Top Secret Cherries1 tablespoon cinnamon sugar For Glaze3/4 cup powdered …