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Cherry Ambassadors For a Day

The Cheney Family were the high bidders in our most coveted Inaudible Auction to date: an instant transformation into Cherry Republic employees, and a morning of hard labor in Glen Arbor.  We think they enjoyed their time with us despite all of the intense labor.  Here’s a peek at their day:

Before we started working, I needed to give them a little tour of the company.  We should always start at the ice cream cooler!

 We handed out shirts to everyone and I talked about company values.  #1 value– have fun!

The Cheneys met in our conference room to watch our training video on how to interact with customers.


William and his mother Colleen pucking Cherry Boomchunkas with one of our own staff.

We did a whole tray!

Calvin getting the lowdown from Steve on kitchen operations…

…and making Cherry Lemonade!

Two year old Everett and 4 year old Claire made $25 in one hour selling that Cherry Lemonade!

Sarah is the oldest at 17.  She is ready to manage a new store for us in Birch Run once she goes back home!

I am showing the boys the little I know about building a dry stack rock wall.

Here’s Andrew adding his rock to the wall, leaving his mark on this 5 year project.

Here’s Dad Scott, moving a really big rock with the tractor forks while Andrew watches and I adjust.

Grace keeping up in the cafe as the busy lunch hour approaches